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My computer stopped seeing my USB stick. What do I do? Answered

I have a tiny microsd reader that I always have a 1GB micro SD card in. As of recently computers can't read it. How can i fix this? Can I retrieve the data? I use portable apps and I did a backup somewhat recently before it broke, is there a way I can still fix the usb reader?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Funnily enough i had the exact same problem today. How old is your SD card? Because the big problem with SDD's (solid state drives, ie SD cards etc) wear out after so many read/writes. Maybe you've heard of something called wear levelling? Thats a technique they coined to try and level the read/write wear on an SDD (hurr durr). Sorry to say, but if the SD card is a bit old it may possibly have seen its day. I hope there wasnt anything on that card that was as important as what was on mine :|

I think that's what happened to mine, mine was about 7 6 months old, but I used it heavily. I ran portable apps on it, and I backed it up ever weekend (about 20 backups overall?). I ran full programs off of it and such. Maybe I should go easier on my usb flash? Maybe it was just a really cheap card (Brand: Generic? The card reader that came with it is DaneElec, I got the card, the reader, and a bunch of adapters from target for 10 dollars, so it's probably not the best of quality.

Generic memory cards are ok for things like storing files and what-not, but they don't have the kind of integrity to be used for running apps, OSes, regular backups etc. Go with a branded usb stick if you want it to last.

Try a different port, try to reformat it, use Linux to mount it, blow in it?

try using a different OS? re-insert the sd card use a different card reader

does it work in other computers I fit deos it's probably the wires that connect the usb plug to the computer if it deosn't work in other computers its probabbly the stick can you post a pic of the stick please so I can answer the question better