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My Failed Projects Answered

My Failed Projects :-( 1,2 Pic: My Extrem 42, it was going to be named 41 but i gave my Extrem sniper that name. This gun is very powerful, and can be easily muzzel-loaded 3 Pic: My Extrem 41 Sniper, It was a very good looking gun, but it had only one problem and that was the range, it could only shoot 20 feet with 2 #64 rubberbands, so i gave up on it 4 Pic: My Elite 3000 MFHB... This gun had two firing systems in it, one was a false bolt-action gun, the other is a very cool slingshot gun, with a new firing mechinism. I demolished it because the bullet kept on backfiring at me (OUCH) , because of all the rubberband power 5 Pic: My Blazer v2... It was alright, I didn't post because it used KILLERK'S Mechinism 6 Pic: My Prototype of a gun. The idea is still under development So I can't say anything else 7 Pic: Yes, My lancer. I Loved the look of it, But it Always jamed and didn't shoot far, but i will try again one day 8 Pic: My First version of my singleshot, It was Amazing execpt the fact that it had no True trigger :-(


I have to say, that lancer looks fun, and it has given me an idea.

Make. A. Sniper.

He. Has. Made. Two. Noob. Stop. Talking. Like. This. Annoying. Isn't. It?

Can I Re-make the Extrem 42 and put up some pics? If Jollex says yes don't get your hopes up i'll probable give up at some point.


8 years ago

Do you have a picture of the lancer as if you were looking at it from straight down?

Aw, no posty Blazer v2? I was looking foward to that.... The Extrem 42 looks great, is there anything unique about it? NAIS SINGUL SHAWT

Yeah, It shot really far but the trigger never worked so I had to hand pull the thing that holds the bullet, and it used KILLERK's mechinsim Nothing special about the Xtreme 42, But I will try to remake it someday... And the singleshot was mainly for the stock, But it had no true trigger

Update- Extrem 42:


Woot! That looks awesome! So does your sniper!

I am not going to post, it really started sucking...

You really like that stock, don't you !

It's not the comfyist... but it looks very realistic

well actually i dunno ive never made one like that.....

WOW! zak's mag must be good

The person who's mag you used on the Extrem 42. You probably got it from TheDunkis, but Zak designed it.

I got my mag partally from the Dunkis, by i only had a glimce at it

well the sniper looked really cool and the elite 3000 reminded me a little of a tommy gun