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My dad has a bump on the back of his neck Answered

My dad has a HUGE bump on the back of his neck, at first i thought it was a zit but after about a year its grown to the size of a golf ball...i've told him to go to the doctors, but he refuses to go...i dont know what to do, and i worried about him...what should i do.?


Caveat: Free medical advice from strangers on the Internet is often worth less than you pay for it.

Best option is to get him to a doctor, but many pharmacists [at least, in the UK] will give a general "triage" diagnosis without an appointment, so you may be able to get him looked at there ("I need to pop in here for some painkillers while we're passing").

It COULD just be a benign and rather unpretty sebaceous cyst. People post neat videos of these things being opened and cleaned out. Don't watch unless you have a strong stomach......

He might be scared about what it is - its worth showing him some of the videos. The back of the neck is one of the main places these zits grow. A doctor will take one look at it and say "that's a sebaceous cyst" if it is one.

Otherwise, he's a grown man, if he really doesn't care enough about himself or his family to get it looked at, its his problem.


thank you, im just really worried about him. thats my dad i love him with all my heart and i dont like him in that much pain from that thing

I'm afraid to say that there is not much that you can do. He is a grown man and he has the right to refuse treatment.