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My daughters new bed do I have to buy a box spring and frame? Answered

Or should the bed come with the box spring and bed frame? Or do I get it from the place where I am buying the mattress? should these be included with my purchases?



The Walmart.Com website can pretty much explain it better.
Platform or Pedestal style beds don't require a boxpspring. No questions asked, but a boxspring will add height to the bed. Pay a little more for the frame, but the mattress will be cheaper.

If a bedframe description doesn't say platform or pedestal, than 95% quaranteed it's a less rigid frame of steel Rails. And will require a boxspring.
Cheap out on the rails, but the mattress set, if you don't already have it, will cost you so much more.

It's usually/often the case that beds and mattresses are sold separately. This is because mattresses can cost more than bed frames, and the two perform different functions. Where I live it is best to assume that a bed is just the frame, as retailers will advertise that they're throwing in a cheap mattress if they are.
AlternateLives has it right for you, but check with your daughter how she likes her mattress.


I say ask the salesman to determine exactly what your getting. Buy from a furniture store as well, because they usually have all of the parts needed.