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My dog died... Answered

(sob) (cry) (sob) My dog died. My mom ran him over. He survived the accident but the surgery and other stuff would of been $4000. And there was a chance he wouldn't make it through. So me my mom and sister and dad (my dads away in California for my uncles wedding) decided to put him down. So it was a hard good by to my dog Sandy.Sorry no pictures.


dont blame you mom ... also im sorry to hear that. I remember putting down the dog I was raised with *we were both 8* because he had cancer... very sad

I'm sorry. At least you got GOOD comments on yours. On mine Do_not_turn_off_the_power's new account said something like "So what, at least you didn't watch your dog get mauled by guard dogs". Some people were like "Just get over it".

This is a rather old post. L (getting near to 2 years)

I understand, it is very much like losing a member of the family. I am very sorry.

Because my wife likes Cavies (guinea pigs) we have to go through the "dying" thing every 2 to 6 years (actually more often, since she has 6 of them); they only live from 4-6 years IF they stay healthy.

Yeah I know, and the longer a pet lives, the more like a brother or sister (rather then a playmate) they become too.

One of my pet rats died... And it was the cutest rat of all 2. He died about a month ago, and the other 2 are still living. But they are a lot less cute... Luckily I got 2 kittens, and they are SO CUTE!!!

Sometimes pets, like rats and guinea pigs, can endear themselves in other ways besides their looks :-) one of my guinea pigs pops up onto her hind legs every night when I arrive home from work....knowing I have a piece of orange I saved for her....she is just so excited to see me it is hard not to like her :-)

Wow your guinea pig does thats pretty cool. Also MTP sorry for the lose.

Oh yeah, in the past we had one that knew the difference between my getting up in the morning and my wife. If she got up first, they let her pass, but when I got up, whether first or last, they would see me coming and the guinea pig chorus would start up.....weep, weep, weeeeeeeeep, begging for a treat they knew I would give them (healthy treats only).

i have pet snake, and if it died i would shed a tear, and get another 6 foot long snake

I like snakes, and mostly the not-poisonous snakes, because you can hold them without risking any danger. I caught some snakes in the wild, holded them, and released them again after 30 minutes. We have some pictures. I caught it in Spain.

I had to put my dog to sleep Aug.22,2008. because she got an infection in her uterus,she was 14 years old,i was'nt informed that she could get this infection from not being fixed,it was going to cost 1300 for the surgery.I would have fixed her a long time ago if I knew.

Sorry to hear that. I was fortunate enogh to have two dogs at the time. My dog died from the pet food poisoning that occured a couple years ago. His spleen got infected .

sorry to hear that bro, my grandads dog died a few years back, i was well sad. today though, my dad was bitten by a dog acctually, vicious bugger, so i dont care about him :D

I once had a dog that died on march 18 2007. I cried for 24 hours straight she was 15 and her name was Maddie (P.S. 15 IN DOG YEARS IS 91)

Awww :( But at least she lived a long time and got to be with you for some of her life.

Thanks man that really helps . . \______________/ (seirously it does)

if my bird died i'd kick a baby, but my bird is my best friend and he has another 20 years or so, but my red doberman died summer 2006 at 3:22am at 14 years old but he was more than special, not like any other dog, nothing could replace him, i dont care what anyone says, i wouldnt have traded him for any amount of money in the universe or anything.

aww dang that sucks dude. my puppy died when he was like 4 months too, i know its hard to lose a pet. except for fish. :(

Oh gosh thats sad :( our dog is going to die in a while too. :(

oh ok i thought they were puppys!(mindy and i forgot what the other one is!)


10 years ago

my dog died because a bear killed him.=(


10 years ago

Oh, i hate when my pets dye im so sorry for you and your family...

Omg im so sorry....... poor dog. what breed was he/she.

Aww, I'm sorry. :( I know it's tough, but it sounds like it was the best thing to do.

Dude. so sorry bout your dog. :-(. eventually you will get over the greif.

Sorry to hear that, man. It's always a bummer when a pet dies.

Terrible story ... Euthanasia is sometime the better and more humane thing to do ...

I know how it feels to put a dog down. We had to put our dog down that lived 15 years (before I was even born!), and sadly she was getting too old, so we put her down. I know how it feels. You will get through it, be strong!

truly sorry hear that. i remember when we had to put our one dog down. i was about 6 i believe. the dog hated me, but being six i didnt realize it and loved her. i was so sad i cried every night over her. its probably for the best that you put him down. again, truly sorry to hear about that.