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My dog is extremely scared of the storms here in Florida. Any way to calm her down? Answered

It is a female beagle and if a burglar broke in to our house the only thing she would do is lick them to death. We have taken her out side during the storms to let her out side. Any ways to calm her down?


Yes, do discuss this with your vet.

A possible non-drug solution would be to repeatedly and quietly play a CD containing a recording of a thunderstorm until your dog becomes more accustomed to the sound of thunder.

You might even be able to teach your dog to associate thunder with treats and extra attention.



9 years ago

i would definitely try the CD that NobInParticluar suggested. Also, try not to console or coddle her when she's afraid, it only serves to reinforce the scared behavior. Good luck with the pooch.

Good point.

If you do provide rewards, you need to be careful that the dog associates them with remaining calm in the first place and not with calming down from a panic.

If it's as bad as you make it seem, you may want to go to a vet for sedatives. Alternatively, if she likes crates, you could surround hers with some thick foam to help sound proof it, leaving plenty of airflow space, of course.

Sometimes drugs are the best thing. Prescribed drugs have known and limited side effects, while chronic stress can have powerfully negative effects on the entire body. You do need to get the word of a trained medical professional on which is better in your dog's situation.