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My dogs paw print in dry cement outside? Answered

I'd like to make a copy of the pampering as a keep sake but unsure of how to do it I think it would need to make a mould to be the first step can you please help me with this project?!

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NarkR (author)2017-02-08

IMHO - unless you were going to give these paw prints to other people, I wouldn't think you would need a mold for this project. Just get something that will dry and keep the shape. There are many products in the stores like paper clay, any clay that you can either dry or bake even plaster using any small box lid for the "mold". Take a "ball" of the molding material, flatten it to about 1/2 - 3/4" and have your pets paw press down making the imprint. Wallah!! Ive done this with my animals and my children's feet, using clay, then scratched the date etc. and baked it.

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