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My drawings Answered

just some of my drawings from new to old


I used to build jetplanes as a kid :) awesome


5 years ago

You brought back the kid in me. I loved fighters in my childhood. Still do :)

Cool! I have models of most of these hanging on the ceiling of my room.

Not sure I ussually get them at hobby stores and all I need to do is paint and assemble them. My favorite one and the hardest one I did was my Fokker Dr-1 Triplane.

Thank you!
please check out my Deviantart, i have loads of my more recent work posted there.

thank you!
i have made alot more since these were posted.
you can check them out at my deviantart: http://kwintisolo.deviantart.com/

Absolutely great drawings. Keep it up.

http://person-of-interest-episode.info/ , http://www.revenge-episodes.info/

these are really good, have any more?

yes, i have alot more, but those are mostly done with pen in school workbooks.
i also made another one a few days ago, it will be up here soon!