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My fave LED just DIED!! Please help!! Answered

My latest work involves one of those LED's that change color as they glow. I'm using a battery pack i ripped off of something because it has a switch pre installed. It holds 4 AA batteries. I've tried it with the LED in question before, and it worked just fine. I was testing it again after some assembly and BAM, twas dysfunctional. It glows very feebly. So I switched with my one back up LED. That one won't even light. What did I do wrong? Did I over power it? Where can I go to purchase a new LED of the color-changing type? How do I not kill this one?



Color changing LED thingy.

Just search color *Colour* changing LED. You should find some results.

your second led did not light up at all ? not even a flash ? then maybe you have broken contact somewhere connect it to the power source with 150 ohm or larger (up to 1 K ohm) resistor and apply force to the connections and the led itself if your led is still dead maybe try the ink test - it can sometimes point if the led overheated (idk if it holds for smart leds though). put some very liquid ink on the led where the wires enter it and see if it is soaked to inside

It flashed briefly... I think.... I'lll try the ink thing for sure.


9 years ago

leds usually run on 3.3v or there abouts. you burned it. to work out the resistor needed to protect the led use this equasion vsupply - vled/ desired led current so for the leds i use thats 6-3.3 / 20 (milli amperes) but i usually run my leds at 3v 20 ma so you if you want to do the same you will need a 150 ohm resistor or a 100ohm resistor and 2 100 ohm resistors in parallel. for more infor see my instructable on leds on breadboards that should help you with leds