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My fifth-grade daughter is asking for help in putting together a "Detective's Kit".....any input? Answered

Ideally, this would be a carry-around detective's kit, with a pen, a notebook, a magnifying glass etc. etc.
Photo-related ideas would be superb!!



Best Answer 6 years ago

Small tape or digital recorder, camera, evidence bags, tweezers, business cards, cell phone, deer stalker hat,

I made my own carry-around detectives kit. Inside a small suitcase-type container I put a roll of tape, A magnifying glass, small brown paper envelopes (to put my "evidence" in), a small notebook, a pen, an ink pad, some baby powder, and a lens cleaner. My lens cleaner had a push-out brush which I used to brush things away. If you can't find one like that, a normal paintbrush would work just the same :) Maybe to add the detective-effect you can find a trench coat?

...a copy of "pink panther" is an essential -
as is an unconvincing french accent...

" leur..? I knoerr all abert the leur! "

Those UV LED flashlights are kind of neat, for uncovering fluorescent substances, and for some forms of invisible writing.

By the way, before you get too carried away with this, you should be absolutely certain about where your daughter's loyalties lie. She might have been recruited by some sort of school-snitch program, or worse, Janet Napolitano's dreaded "See something. Say something." campaign.  If she turns you in to the authorities, for something real or imagined,  that's bad news for sure.


6 years ago

Magnifying lens, DNA swabs, side kick, gloves, silk tie, fake mustache,
Nancy Drew novels.