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My first Free3D print Answered

Three months ago I submitted instructables into one of the challenges, and was selected to received Free 3D print. I chose to have my 3x3x3" 3D print instead of a famous 3D instructable robot.

Two weeks ago, my 3D print got delivered in the 123D box, to my door. Also included in the box are an instructables patch and stickers.

My 3D print is the case for my RevIO, an Arduino compatible board. A prototype that I'm made recently. (https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-The-RevIO-Arduino-Clone-My-Way/)

Thank you very much for the Free3D Print program and everyone behide this program, otherwise I won't be able to see my project moving forward to this point.





2 months ago

it looks great!

That is one cute little 3D box. Keep them coming.

Congratulations! I hope you'll add pictures of your project in the enclosure to your I'ble :-)

Looks good, congratulations.