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My fish hit its head on the tank and the skin is a bit falling off and under its white. Will it be okay? Answered

I'm a bit worried. Will it heal back itself? Or do I have to give it any treatment? Anything natural, I have at home, if it needs treatment?



Should be fine. It wouldn't hurt to put in some MelaFix in. It has tea tree oil in it and helps the fish heal surface injuries like that. My oscar jumps all the time and bonks himself on the lights, and also fights with his pleco roomie. Unless there's obvious bleeding or you see swelling and infection start to become a problem, your fish should be fine on his own. Just tell people he's going bald and when they say "I didn't know fish did that" tell them there's a LOT about fish they don't know and act all smart and stuff.

How much is a bit? if the skin is still there, but the scales are gone, he should be fine unless he gets into a fight with another fish or hits it again. The skin is supposed to be white.