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My friends are making their first movie! Answered

Some close friends of mine are wrapping up their first self made feature length film titled "The Aviation Cocktail" and I have to say what I've seen so far is pretty darn impressive. It's amazing what they've done with the budget they have.

The writer/director is the husband of one of my co workers- we've worked together for eleven years so it's really fantastic to see all their hard work finally come to fruition. Dave is an extremely talented individual and it shows in the trailer.

The trailer is here-

They've set up a website for the film here (no real content yet)-

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chrysanthy (author)2012-01-29

it looks great! waiting fore more details

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Chirpoff (author)2012-01-23

Looking interesting! Congrats to your co worker-- it looks like a well-made film!

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