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My halfstack squeals. Help pleasee? Answered

So. I have a halfstack. I dont know too much about it but here's what i know: It has a Crate Amp head and a Peavy Cabinet. 

when i turn the volume on the front higher that about 2, the amp audibly hums, loud enough that it would make this a poor idea to use on stage. any ideas on why this is happening or how much it'll take to fix it?


Well Guys, i figured it out. The amp head has 2 outputs. the speaker cab has two inputs, left and right. The amp does nto squeal when there is a speaker cable going into BOTH holes. Also, when i use a right angle plug to plug into the input on the amp head, all the other noise is also gone. So thanks guys, but it seems like you were wrongg. :D

well you're the only one who really had no answer other than "maybe its broke" and "move it around".

If it's not a result of your microphone or instrument feeding back through the speakers, (ie, improper locating of the speakers wrt to source) then it's likely that a capacitor has blown, a tube is failing, or a semiconductor amp is failing.


7 years ago

Tube or SS?

If tube, ALWAYS check tubes first (replace with known good tubes). Preamp tubes usually go microphonic before they fail completely...

Are there any settings where the squeal disappears? Like w/o reverb, on the clean channel, or when you move the guitar away from the cab?

Make sure you're not using a guitar cord for a speaker cable, either.