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My hot water smells bad how can I fix it? Answered

It a gas hot water heater, pretty new, the water started smelling like sulfur.



When your hot water smells bad that means natural sulfates found in some water mix with bacteria and they produce H2S. For that the best and preferred treatment is to flush out the system with chlorination because it kill off the bacteria.


I've been in my house with furnace with coil for 20 years and never a smell. Now I have a new furnace and new 40 gallon indirect, and the water smells rotten. Brand new. WHY??

It doesn't matter how new your hot water tank is. This foul smell is usually caused by harmless odor producing bacteria in your hot water tank. All water heaters have a magnesium rod or anode that causes the problem. When you have a water softener, this can speed up the process because the water is more conductive. To solve this problem you need to buy a aluminum/zinc rod to replace the magnesium rod. You should also add about a pint or so of bleach to kill the bacteria, and then run the bleach water through all of your hot taps in the house. Your local plumbing professional can help or call your local water softening dealer--beware though--don't let them sell you anything to treat this problem, because the problem is not with your water, it's the rod in the hot water tank. I have serviced hundreds of water heaters with smelly water, and this is the only solution. Follow this link for more help !


check your water heater and buy a water tester kit. you can also buy a water softener.

The heater ought not to be the problem, unless this just occurred after it was installed(?).
Could you have something like a dead-animal in your hot-water header-tank (at the top of the system)?
Otherwise plumber_bob is asking you the right questions.


We need a few more details. Did you just move in? Are you using a well for the water supply? Heat enhances alot of odors.