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My idea for the iRobot Challenge Answered

Okay, I hope this is good :-D!

Well, my idea is actually several ideas, but they all share the same theme:

Chumby + iRobot's Create

(And yes, I already have a Chumby)

This might sound crazy, like adding speakers to an iPod, but it is defiantly possible.
Since I don't have one, I can't say, for 100% sure, exactly how I'm going to make it work, but I have plenty of ideas.
(I'll work backwards)

The robot has 25 inputs. My last resort would to be to hook up the headphone jack to 2 of those inputs, and send signals by pulsing sound, similar to the way TV remotes pulse light. This is guaranteed to work, because Flash (which I'll be using in the project itself), can access the speaker. For robot-to-Chumby communication, there is the Microphone.

Next up, is building this Sensor Package module that you can use with your Chumby. This would also work great, since it has 8 digital outputs, 8 digital inputs, and 12 motor drivers (which I could probably use as more outputs). However, I haven't found out yet if you can access this from flash, so it may become an issue. However, it seems more likely than the following:

My first attempt is to tap into unused (in my setup) pins on the "Chumbilical", the main wire that connects the sensors to the main unit. This includes a USB port. Again, I am doubtful that Flash can access these, but I may be able to figure something out in Java or Phython.

So I've hooked this up to the Chumby, now what?
There are so many possibilities, because my new robot will now have various sensors from the Chumby, along with it's touch-screen display and WiFi.

One could start with the "physical alarm clock", an alarm clock that you'd chase down to turn off. (As seen on ThinkGeek, it's "Clocky") Although, this is very much underusing it's capabilities.

Next, of course, is the email alert system. When you're not on the computer, sometimes something external is a nice reminder :P In a workplace, lets assume someone gets an email every minute. This should be perfect timing for it to drive from cubical-to-cubical on every email. It would, however, be forced to rely on relative positioning.

After the frivolous, this could be set up as a system where the Chumby would display images of me, streamed form a webcam, as I control the robot. Attached, would also be a webcam, streaming from the robot to my computer. (This was done with the Make: controller and a MacBook) (And yes, the Chumby has a HTTP server in it, and can support some webcams!)

Heck! Why not have all three running at once :P

I defiantly think the first 2 are not Instructable-worthy, but I wanted to give some other examples. The 3rd would be the one I do ;-) It would be much lest costly than the full-sized version, this being under $350. (I'm guessing that's about 1/3rd the cost?)

Thanks for considering me as someone worthy of this "scholarship", I know I will use it over and over again if I end up getting it :D



11 years ago

Do you have a Chumby? It looks like a cool device, but from what the website says, it's not available quite yet. Your idea is awesome, but considering that many products like this end up having a delay in shipping (usually because of manufacturing situations) I would be a little wary. My guess is that they are not manufacturing because they aren't taking orders yet. It would be lousy to be waiting on the company to ship for you to be able to get your entry together. At any rate, it sounds like you've got a plan, and maybe one of those alpha chumby's they've got seeded. Good luck!

I'm glad you brought that up! Yes, I do. I have developed some widgets for it, and they parted with one. (So I can develop the widget-end of it) Thanks :D

awsome, that's pretty lucky! I can't wait to see it!

. Even if you don't come up with something "useful" for the system to do, I think it would make an excellent entry. It's gonna take some ingenuity to do what you propose. . And yes, I think you can do it. As you (needlessly) pointed out, you already have some experience with this sort of thing.

Since the big question in this contest is: "But, can you actually do it?"

And although I already feel that I explained how I could do it, I'd like to reassure you that I can, and already have interfaced it with some outputs in previously described, so it is completely possible.

Wow! I completely forgot, that if I don't have to use the speakers, this thing would be a fun little guy to have around :P I defiantly think I could rigg something up to figure out if there are people around :D (Microphone + Proximity detection?)