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My instructables doesn't show up in the search Answered

Hi folks,
I posted an instructables yesterday and its still not coming up in the main site or searchable.
There has been a lot of discussion on boingboing and other sites on the project, but no access to instructables. It would be really nice to have it be accessible so people can refer to it.
Normally it only takes a few hours. Help!;.)
thanks. here's the direct link:



I found it through search. Always trust Nacho...Nacho knows all!

It was a busy day, and later in the day I can usually be found being less professional (which tends to translate to way more cheesy).

. I'm guessing it got caught up in the filters. There are some trigger words (drugs, &c) and a lot of words (eg, all those drug names) that probably aren't in the dictionary so they get labeled as suspicious.
. Sometimes it takes a while for Robot to release stuff from the filter. Give it another day or two.

ok thanks for the update. Any chance of coaxing the robot quicker with nasa grade servo motor, or a fembot? It would really encourage the online dialog to have the project accessible. thanks a lot!! -jon

.  Since it's not exactly a life-or-death matter, I'd just wait. If you really think it's all that important, try PMing one of Robot's minions on the About page (see link at bottom of most pages).
.  Keep in mind that Robot may decide that your post is not appropriate for the Instructables community.

. Or it may have been flagged as SPAM.