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My ipod touch won't turn on. Answered

I was making an ipod charger instructable, it used 4 AA's. I tested it out and now my ipod wont turn on. I tried every combination of wires, because they had weird colors. I read an ipod takes 12 volts, and has a voltage regulator, did i fry something else?



9 years ago

An ipod charges off of 5 volts. You may have fried it.

Yea, i think i did : . ( I'm sending it into apple, and ill probably get a new one.

Good luck! Haha, and for future reference, anything that charges by USB is 5V.

Yeah, I think when i send it in to apple, I'll have "forgotten" What happened!

Haha, depending on your warranty they might not even ask.

Yeah, i know!