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My laptop will not connect to internet but desktop does?! Same network too! Answered

So for two months my laptop just WILL not connect to internet and I'm 12 so I am like OMGGGGG this is so dumbbbb. So I really need help connecting it. My desktop works but not my laptop and they're on the same network so I dont know whats wrong.. My laptop worked two months ago and connected fine. :\


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mpilchfamily (author)2012-10-04

Wireless or Wired?

If wired have you tried a different cable? Have you tried a different port on the router?

If wireless is it a secured network? Do you have the proper pass code entered into the laptop? Is the wireless card enabled? Many laptops have a button on the side that turns the wireless card off and on.

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bwrussell (author)mpilchfamily2012-10-05

It could also be the correct code on the wrong encryption type. Check your desktops connection settings to see what the proper settings are.
The ethernet card in the lappy may have died.

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damascenoalisson (author)2012-10-05

In Command Prompt (Run>cmd>OK), check if the mac adress, and the IP is right. (Type: ipconfig /all) If it doesn't work, the problem must be the Ethernet Port.


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iceng (author)2012-10-04

mpilchfamily has excellent advice for a person who just joined our
instructable organization today...

On the meantime what fun stuff did you do on your laptop this summer ? ?

Some of our members may know some of the BAD bad sites you may
have accidentally visited..

Do let us know when you solve your problem..


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