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My latest project: Usenet Car Photo Gallery Answered

. I've set up a picture gallery of 1920s-2000s American cars at Usnet Car Photo Gallery. I think I have it config'd so you can post pics, so post pics of your favorite rides (don't have to be American). Have fun. If you have problems, let me know.
. Attention artists: If you can come up with a logo (to replace the Coppermine logo at the top of the page), I'll give you conspicuous credit.


I'll try to get some pics of my friends Stangs. He's got 2 '65 convertibles, and a '66 fastback. I'll see if I've got any pics of my Vette, Z-28 (OK that's Mrs Skunkbait's car), '76 Grand Prix (Skunkpunk's car), and my Firebird (work in progress/digress).

. Waiting with bated breath. . I've got hundreds of pics to upload, but the software will only let you upload 5 pics at a time. Working on installing an add-on that will allow more convenient uploads.