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My laundry has a sour odor after being washed in my top-loading washer.

My laundry has a sour odor after being washed in my top-loading washer. It stops temporarily if I run it with just bleach and water for a cycle. Not sure whats causing it. Anyone else have this problem?

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lemonie (author)2010-06-24

Sounds like your machine needs attention: does it rinse & drain properly, what is the filter like?
The "stops temporarily" sounds like the control-unit is defective and it's not doing you a proper-wash.


(a good wash-cycle should leave your clothes smelling fresh)

Re-design (author)lemonie2010-06-24

I thought the machine quit running first time I read it also.

Now I think they mean that the smell stops temp. when just bleach is run.

robjob1918 (author)Re-design2010-07-05

yes you're right. the smell stops temporarily.

lemonie (author)Re-design2010-06-25

I read it again, yes. But it's not running right regardless. I bet it's a GE Adora washer-dryer...


cvianna1 (author)2010-06-28

I get this problem some times, especially during the summer if I run the wash the night before and wait til the next day to dry. Add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle.

Gottwinkies (author)2010-06-27

I would have to agree with Lemonie...If I read it right, your machine/laundry stops smelling if you run a bleach load? Sounds like something, somewhere inside is catching some water and growing it's own little stink factory. It really does sound like something in a filter is stuck, or things aren't draining and flushing the soiled water out completely. I am one of those annoying people that would take the darn thing apart, and check out the drain hoses...but far be it from me to suggest that sort of mayhem...maybe call a repair person if you have the cash? Hope you find the cause! Stinky clothes =bad day all around.

rickharris (author)2010-06-25

Fabreez or your local equivalent fabric freshener - works wonders

AndyGadget (author)2010-06-24

Yep, what Seandogue says, and if you normally do low temperature washes, put it through the hottest cycle once in a while. This should help kill off any moulds or fungus lurking in the top of the cylinder.