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My music playing Floppy drive!(Sound included) Answered

After about 3 days, 2 days worth of Emails exchanged, And one day worth on setting up an OS, I finally got my floppy drive to play MIDI's! How i did it was, I saw this program called floppymidi, it was for BeOS, So i downloaded and installed BeOS(on an old 3GB HDD) now i got BeOS running and i installed floppyMIDI, After about 5 Confirmation messages i got it installed. Now i had to go on a hunt for a MIDI player that works for what i need, I found KMidPlay, But the links where broken, I contacted the site owner, he fixed the links, now i downloaded it and it could not run! After exchanging a few Emails he gave me another version of the program, It worked at last! I got it to play some of my favorite MIDI's, Onestop.mid, And Another. Here are the Original MIDI's and the recordings.(note: the first 2 are .MIDI's and the Last 2 are .wav files) Anyone got any midis that i can play?


Good Job, though the original midi's aren't working for me so i just searched for them to listen to them. Yours sounded pretty good. I'm working on a similar project. I'm hooking up multiple floppies (ranging from 2-8) to an arduino uno board using sammy1am's tutorial on youtube.


I was planning on using a netduino since i know vb alot better than Java and C++, but no one had sample codes that did the same thing as sammy1am's. So far his seems the most reliable route to go. Im running the floppies with a pc power supply. Even with out the board, im able to get them to step forwards and back. Progress!!

Cool! I still have my old Arduino Duemilanove/2009, cool to see so many new things being possible now!

Yeah man, all i have left is to get the sequencer running and im gold.

If anyone still checks this, I am having a bit of a problem. When I installed this on my old laptop, the drive sounded like crap. I thought it was because it was an interchangeable drive that went into a docking bay. So I decided to try it on my big machine, installed it w/cpu fix and it still sounded like crap. I am using light midi b/c the links for kmidiplay are broken. I am using a soundblaster live! 5.1 digital pci card (old) b/c onboard intel chip is not supported. I know everyone's results will be different, but i was half expecting a better result. Any help or advice that you can give me here or email me? Thanks.

Sorry, I have no idea how to resolve this or improve it.

Sorry for the late reply!

Nice! I am trying this myself. But the KMidiPlayer I have doesn't load files (the play controls are greyed out). Would you mind sharing your own versions. I have FloppyMIDI installed correctly


7 years ago

Sounds like loads of fun, i have access to literally hundreds of floppy drives.

How do I install BeOS on my hard drive (i have a spare 4 gig), I got a cd drive, floppy drive, everything. AllI got from the download was a zip file.

Sorry, i did this several years ago. Perhaps i might still have the files for that somewhere.. but i don't have the slightest on where. I installed BeOS using some within-windows installer for it, then rebooted into the OS and somehow made it instal itself to another HDD i had. Everything else about this is far too fuzzy in my memory for me to recall.

Hmm...That sure is an unusual Midi, What theme song does that belong to? Also, I will play that one, And if it sounds good, i will record it...

It's not a theme song, just Google "through the fire and the flames".

I played it, It sounded horrible, You can't even tell any of the notes, Try to keep the midis you give me simple...

Now i played a whole bunch more midi's, Some from the commander keen game, and prince of persia game too.