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My name is Kiteman, and I'm an addict... needing a fix! Answered

Some time ago, Lost started on British TV.

I'd heard it was good, but I missed the pilot.

I also heard that, if you missed the pilot, nothing else made sense.  So, I avoided watching the series, figuring I'd catch the repeats.

...and suddenly they're on season five, and I haven't seen any of them!

So, I bought season one on DVD.  Seven discs, twenty-five episodes and a bunch of extras.

I picked it up on Saturday, and despite spending a day in school, and a day visiting a friend and her new baby (awww.....), and managing to hunt down my first Mediterranean Gull, I've just watched episode 13 17.

Please, no spoilers, I just wanted to say...



All done.  Twenty-five episodes, and the extras (except the commentaries - I don't like commentaries).

We never got to see the Big Scary Monster (although it sounded distinctly mechanical by the end), we never found out where Ethan came from, nor the polar bears.

What about the four on the raft?  Last we saw it was still burning, and little Walt!

So, I'm now haunting ebay for Season Two - we need to find what's down that ladder....


Love《LOST》~! 1----6 --I watched four times.Finally came to understand!

Oh i thought you were talking about an addicition to Instructables !

Thats something we'd have to take care of

I don't know about Lost, but I know for sure that I am addicted to Instructables. I've become akin to someone who repeatedly hits the "refresh" button when viewing their inbox, except for me it's the "You" link near the top of the page.



I kind of thought the Lost logo would be a giveaway...

Well true but i can be partially sighted when  i want to be ! its like im partially deaf when my dad asks me to do something

I have a curious question...
Instead of waiting five seasons, why didn't you watch the pilot episode when it reran, then watched each new episode?

Also, I never watched Lost, so I'm curious as to what you think about it. (Besides "whoa" of course ;-))

For sometimes trivial reasons, I kept missing it.

I think it's... bizarre.  A huge work of imagination.  I love the flash-back style, all the seemingly-random threads coming together - there is clearly a big event on the story-line's horizon, but no clue to what it is yet (maybe something mystical to do with Clare's baby?).  Is it just me, or was the guy that kidnapped Clare preternaturally strong?

The polar bears intrigue me, as does the cable to the Frenchwoman's camp - what is on the undersea end?

I like the fact that the Big Scary Monster is still unseen (except by Lock, and not on screen).  I also think it's quite cool that we may never see it (do we?  Don't tell me!).

Your comments have never made less sense to me.

They'd make more sense if you watched it.

<heads off to watch #20>

I don't have the episodes, and I can't find them any where around here...

Sounds kind of cool. I personally never watched it, but the way you describe it (the seemingly random threads coming together, a big event in the horizon but no clue what it is exactly, and if you don't watch the episodes in order, you have no idea what is happening) it kind of sounds like the style the show Dexter uses.

Maybe if I ever see it on, I'll watch it.

Si. What's there not to love about a Blood Splatter Analyst Serial Killer in Miami!?


Lost, the Game for iPod?


 I watched through season two, accidentally missed two episodes, and got LOST.

The same thing happened with heroes.  I watched until the third season, missed a single episode, and got lost.

I have ceased watching them both.

 Never got into Lost, but Im with you on Heroes.

I missed the 4th episode. After that I cried and cried, begged for mercy and vowed never to sin again. Then I stopped because they changed the showing time.

Now is a great time to get into the show. You can watch all the episodes straight through and finish up when season 6 does.


More projects or <insert spoiler here>!!!!

Who's the dude you put the yellow box around?

He's called Hurley.  Calls everybody "dude", hence the caption.

Is this the one where you wonder how the heavy-guy manages not to lose weight?


So far, they appear to have plenty of boar and fish to eat.

(There was a memorable scene where the Big Guy (Hurley) revealed that his diet was largely high-fibre fruits, then disappeared behind a bush with a handful of wide leaves...)

Kiteman, you are in for an spectacular journey! I've been an addict since the first eye-opening (pun intended) shot.

If there's any way you can manage to get caught up before Season 6 is finished, I highly recommend it: then you'll be able to follow along in "real" time, as it were, and get a tiny taste of the thrill and anxiety of waiting those of us who have been following the show from the start have had. It's been a wonderful / terrible part of the Lost experience no future viewers will be able to have (which never occurred to me until I heard Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof talk about it at a Writers Guild panel last year), and I, for one, will miss this "The anticipation is killing me…I hope it will last" aspect of my Lost obsession.

Yeah ! I love it...
But I haven't been able to see any of season 6 yet :(
Season 1 is DEFINITELY  the best, but the others are pretty good too.

It gets a lot more ridiculous :p And better, then worse, then better again. :)


8 years ago

I started watching the online episodes during the summer, I got hooked after only a few. I am definitely an addict and in the US they are on the 6th and final season. Sadly though, I have not seen all of the fifth yet.