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My new guns are comming out soon Answered

I have 3 guns under construction 2 of them are almost ready The first one is something that started as a mod of killerk's gun When I was trying to make a new frame for the mechanism so I could make it more powerful For the second gun I got the ideas from my killerk's mod But I left out some parts of the power mod And made a shotgun with 6 barrels The third gun is a little bit complexer and hard to describe I can tell that it has a removable magazine which can hold the bullets if it not in the gun Like a real magazine And that its a single shot gun, big gun, ... It was so complex that I broke the hole design a couple of weeks ago And I started building it again The gun is in the stage where I ended it the last time But now it is a lot stabler and smaller but still big


Suddenly: Bump.

if u can tell us.... wen ar ya going to post ur 3rd gun?

I don't now it yet I'm still working on it

well it wouldnt really be a true shotgun if it had just barrels well i guese i could tell a little better if you made a full picture but looks pretty good

Don't worry I has a firing pin , firing mechanism, a handle ... I will post the instructables of the shotgun this weekend Where you can see the whole gun :) These are just teasers

i am really new and this gun looks great ........................FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!