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My parents have a ton of Christmas lights! What should I do with them? Answered

Went exploring in my parent's crawl space digging for Christmas decorations. They have a pre-lighted tree, and only ever use the same lights outside. I've found a bunch of working christmas lights ranging from multi-colored, to those giant bulbs. Any ideas on what I could do with them besides just tossing them all away?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Recycle them!

I'm sorry but throwing away or burning functional lights is childishly wasteful.  If you have no use for functioning lights donate them to Habitat for Humanity/Goodwill/Local Re-use center.   I know a hard working family w/o much money would be thrilled with strings of Holiday Lights especially for their kids (kids love Holiday Lights)

put lights on something that christmas lights have never been put on before and youre a genious.

seruisly Goodwill around here has prices on stuff that is more than double what it should be.  i mean vacuums shouldnt go for $60-$100 at Goodwill. I wish that company would go back to trying to do volume instead of big profit.  its really gone to heck.  not that you shouldnt drop of your lights there but just sayin im not happy with goodwill lately. 

Dear Bradwick1. I agree about Goodwill wholeheartedly. I asked a charity about this (all charities seem to do this now) and their response was "the object is to raise money , not have cheap things for poor or dis-advantaged people anymore". The view seems to be that it is better to put money into the charitable sector because they can reach more peolple and so that's why many of the shops are run by paid managers (volunteers are staff).
Either way, back to the original question, I do think all items that are fully working should go for re-cycling in anyway you can. In this case perhaps ask friends and neighbours if they know anyone, school, retirement centre, etc. who can use them. After all they are a luxury (ie. not needed to live.) especially now. Good luck.

I agree bradwick - Habitat for Humanity is my drop off of choice these days especially since I own a 50 yr old house that my  wife wants to keep in original decor.

Throw them in a fire and stand back! They are awesome when they explode.

Just wanted to add a caveat about not throwing the PVC-insulated wires into the fire too.  Legend has it that burning PVC makes dioxins.  That, and it kinda smells bad too.

I'd say something about safety glasses, but I'm probably ruining the holiday fun already by telling you kids not to burn plastics.

They don't *always* explode, they seem to require some kind of mystery condition I haven't worked out yet to do it, but they are pretty when they do. :D

Use them to make cool Halloween decorations. A pumpkin, a drill bit, and a string of mini-lights makes for a nifty-looking jack-o-lantern.