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My personal DIY blog; The Pink Hammer blog Answered

Hi all! 

I am in the process of (finally) starting up my own DIY blog to share my tips, tricks, projects and ideas with others to empower them (thats you!) to try things on their own!     

You can head on over to my new blog here;  http://www.thepinkhammer.wordpress.com

AND even better you can follow The Pink Hammer on Facebook  to see even more project photos, ideas, and get loads of motivation & inspiration here; https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Pink-Hammer/294017640641429

Stop on by and say hi!!! 


Don't get me wrong, as Kiteman says, we'd LOVE to see your projects here. Especially outlined as proper Instructables, and so I hope I didn't come across harshly, I just wasn't sure how to take the reference to an outside blog.

This is nice and all, but was your visit here "just" to promote a blog elsewhere?  IF that is the case, they consider that spam here.  IF however you are ALSO interested in building/making/hacking things/crafts, etc. and will be posting things here OTHER than outside links, then Welcome !  :-)

Absolutely not...... is that a common thing? Must be for that type of reply to appear on my post! I have just found this site and still trying to learn how it works and figure things out......

The thing is, this site already gets over seven million new visitors every month, and over 75 million hits in the same time.

Any independent blog struggles to get a significant number of visitors, no matter how good it is. Here, you already have an audience hungry for your projects - even a first-time publisher can get thousands of views in just a couple of days, if their projects are written well enough.

If you really want to share your projects widely, this is the place to do it.