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My phone has gotten a little wet. How do i save it? Answered

My Samsung Solstice has gotten a little damp and the keys are sticking (such as the power button and the unlock/lock button), and it cuts itself on and off......what do i do? Ive tried taking the battery out and letting it air dry but it continues.  It also freezes up when i charge it.  Do i need a new shell for the phone or is the power button shorting?


Remove the battery IMMEDIATLY. Place the phone on your dashboard of your car or just in the car where the warmth will BAKE the moisture out of it after a couple days. THEN put the battery back in it and see if it works. It may take several days of baking (in the car only) to encourage the moisture to evaporate. If you leave the battery IN the phone, then electrolysis will very likely eat up some of the foil traces and the phone will be TOAST. DO NOT actually bake the phone in an oven or anything like that. The warmth of your car will be low enough to not damage the phone but will get the moisture out of it SLOWLY but surely without melting the phone. If that doesn't do it, the phone is toast.

I would immediately take the battery out, then stick it in a bowl of dry rice for a few days. Most phones contain a moisture indicator that changes color when it gets wet. This voids the warranty, so the manufacturer usually won't repair or replace the phone even if you dry it thoroughly. So hope it still works.

i would say have warm air blw on it for a couple hour min and a day or two max and see what happens see if you can take the battery and shell off of your phone when in the stream of air

Dry it with the battery out -- wrap it in a paper towel and bury it in dissicant -- salt or rice will work wonders. Like lemonie says keep it in a warm dry place. If the buttons are sticky, it wasnt water that got in, and the phone will need disassembly to clean the buttons -- not altogether easy on newer phones.

Dry it very thoroughly, for about a week in a warm & dry place.


If you have properly dried it, and it is still sticking, then I'm guessing that the water that wet it was not exactly fresh and pure. Presumably, as the water evaporated, it has left deposits in the gaps between keys etc.

I would have a close look with a magnifier, and have a scrub at joints etc with a dry toothbrush to break away deposits.


7 years ago

I heard if you place it in a jar of rice it will absorb the water out of the circuit board. (Dry,uncooked rice of course)