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My rgb led's stay blue and won't chase or turn off . Answered

Item: Fancy Room 133 modes Wireless Digital IC RF Remote Controller LED Dimmer for IC6803 Dream Color Chasing 5050 RGB LED Strip Light [ASIN: B01H6UFI9O]

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I am trying to hook up the lights with the control box but I needed to extend the wires going into the box by around 15 feet. One led strip is working just fine but the other is lighting up blue. It won't change colors and it won't go off when I power off the control box. Only when I detach the power from the control box. I used a shorter cord that came with another set that I had and the strip worked just fine. I checked the wiring several times and can't find anything spliced wrong. So can you either tell me what the problem could be or if you have longer rgb wires that go from the box to the led strip. About 15 ft. I ordered the two led strips with the control box and remote.( the magic/ color chasing led's)

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Downunder35m (author)2017-05-31

"Intelligent" LED strips are very, very sensitive to static electricity...
If your strip is still working fine with shorter leads you might be lucky.
If in doubt use shielded and twisted wires for longer connections, the kind used to transfer data.
Like a good USB extension, CAT5E ethernet cable....

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steveastrouk (author)2017-05-30

I'm guessing the wires are too long for the drive circuits in the LED strip. You probably need to clean up the signal and send it on with a separate circuit

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iceng (author)steveastrouk2017-05-30

Or replace strips damaged by the static discharge due to poor handling technique on your part..

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