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My sister gave me her old lifebook P7010D, what should I do with it? Answered

It's a really neat little laptop, 1.2 Ghz Processor, 512 mb of memory(max 2 gb), CD/DVD burner, and a 30 gb hard drive. All that crammed inside, giving it the look of a modern netbook. It's only problem is it has a broken hinge. other than that It' works great.

So what should I do with it, I wanna keep it as a laptop if I can fix the hinge, but are there any general hardware mods that can be done to laptops, are there any particular Operating Systems anyone would like to suggest?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Try Ubuntu to speed it up.

(Simply reinstalling Windows instead does wonders, too)

I installed DSL (Damn Small Linux) in an old laptop that had Windows XP and it works very fast. With Windows the computer ran very slow.

.  There's not much in a laptop that is "generic" enough to be used in another computer but the HDD and RAM. Video and audio are usually integrated on the mobo and the display probably only works with that specific driver chip.
.  I'd try to figure out a way to brace the hinge.

.  Due to driver availability for the laptop hardware, you'll probably have to go with Windows. If you can find the drivers for your hardware, some flavor of Linux (you have the power to run any version I've seen) will save you money.

Save it! Cheap, usable computers are hard to come by. I would fix it up and if a project or idea comes around that uses a computer then it'll be worth it. You could also use it for surfing the web.


Generally, laptops are too tightly integrated for there to be much you can do with internal hardware hackery... but it's a perfectly usable machine. If all else fails you can just brace the display in place and use it as a lightweight desktop system with built-in uninterruptable power supply.