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My solar alarm clock is posted!! Answered

Hey there,
My solar alarm clock is posted!! Be sure to check it out. It's also my TNKIT entry.
Here you go.



8 years ago

NICE!!!! I SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry,i mean REALLY sorry but  idk how to post it on the computer....

Take a picture, get the card out of your camera, put it in the computer, start a comment, click add images and pick the photo you want to show.

how is this a clock? and how is it solar powered?? And where do you live???

1: It's not a "clock" but it does the same thing.
2: Read the ible
3: Like I'm going to say.

It gives you an idea of what time it is when it goes off. I could of added a clock but for one, that has been done before and two it would make the thing bigger. Also look at the ible it has lots of other features to make up for it..

Nooo! I have the solar motor, I have the Knex, now all I need is the sun, lolz.

I live in England, and obv. it is winter.

England + Winter = No sun.

Guess what. This works off a lightbulb!!! I can hold it up to a light and it will work. So now you can build!!!

Yayayayayayayayayayay! I have finished it!

This works for me because I am very lazy when it gets to getting up in the morning, so my dad just comes in and turns my light on to try and get me up, but I still dont move. So now when he turns it on, it will get my out of bed!

Anyway, 5*, faved and subbed (even though I am already subbed!)

Just to let you know, when you use a light, it needs to be really close to the bulb for it to turn on.

Looks cool!

Thanks, Now I need to get back to the "shop" and work on the rest of the things I need to post. lol
I have like two more things I'm probably posting in the next week.