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My son droped his dslite and it turns on but the top and bottom screens r off? what do i do?? Answered



my screens are pitch black

You can send it to nintendo to have it fixed. you can do this by getting on their website, scrolling down to the bottom, and under "support" there will be something that says repair help. click on that and go from there. or take it into a gaming store to have it fixed. those might cost more than the system itself, so you could just get another.

The same thing happened to my Game boy and I went to Game stop and it would cost more to fix it than it was worth. It would be better for you son to get a new ds lite. Because the other thing you could do is to open it up and smelt and replace wires together. I would not recommend to do this unless you are on the geek squad or a pro. Still if you were to do the second way and it didn't work it would then become a $120 paper weight and you would have no hope of even the people at gamestop fixing it. So it would best to get a new one off of e-bay or amazon (the used section). You could also get the new 3DS.

I personally think you should take it to a GameStop and see if they can repair it, but if they can't, you should sell it and then get a new one with the money that u got from selling it.

you could try replacing the screens, or, if you have unlimited $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, you can simply buy another

I have a Nintendo DS lite also, my sound was once broken, I had it sent to nintenyou do for about 100$ they repaired it, cleaned it and they basically restored it to brand new, so that's what I did. But if they cant fix it, you would probablly be better off getting a new one for about 120$.

You should either check the solder, send it to nintendo or just buy another one at game stop because they are pretty cheap there.Hope I helped! :D

That happened to mine too. It won't work.

i have a dsi and a dsi xl...........it doesnt seem like there is anything to do exept mail it in to nintendo to fix it........i got my dsi xl fixed 4 free cause i got it less than a year ago............if your son got his less than a year ago than u can get it fixed for free too


6 years ago

i suggest taking out the battery and putting it back in or shaking it or check the soldering for loose wires or soldering filament

Either the gas has ecaped the screen or you have cracked the solder.
Open it up and check the connections from the screen to the PCB. Look for disconnected wires or damaged solder.
If you can't see any damage to the solder, the screen may be damaged and you may need to get it replaced.

Opening it will void warranity. If you still haave and want warranty its best to take it to a shop and get them to look at it. They may not replace the screen if it looks like you have opened it so make sure it looks like you haven't opend it.

well what your son has done is dropped it. in those two screens there is a few layer of plastic and glass in between those layers is a gas (don't know what it is) and he has allowed the gas to escape, that gas is what displays colors and shapes on your screen your best bet is to go to your local source and see if you can trade it in and get some money towards a new one other than that you can go ahead find the parts and replace it your self or see if warranty will fix the screens. Personally i would go with iPod touch better graphics, sound, more bang for buck, and easier to protect.

You could get a cheaper DS at the pawn shop or kijiji and switch the screens around. Its pretty easy to do with a PSP at least.
The DS other things could have shorted out as well, electronic devices and liquids don't mingle and often live to tell the tale.

Also, I phones are generally kept in "otter" cases because of how fragile they are.