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My son is ready for finger foods, I think. How small do I have to cut up pieces of food for my eight month old ? Answered



8 years ago

I agree with Burf. No more then 1/4" Also, when my daughter was little she had a lot of trouble choking on those Biter biscuits (teething cookies) I'd recommend breaking those up too. Don't panic if he chokes. Just quickly tilt the head back and stick your finger into his throat and scoop it out. You shouldn't pat the back it can move the piece further down the throat. Cereal is great starter food, lots of cheerios. Good luck!

I know I am a little late seeing this, but I might encourage checking with your Medical Care Provider on what they recommend do with choking..it may be different with children. I know that doing what is called a "finger sweep" is acceptable by some; others say if done incorrectly, one can actually push the food/foreign material further down the throat.

I was taught the finger sweep-use a hooked (curved) forefinger taking care to reach behind the object.

Best of luck and may you never have this scare situation! Be calm....

small enough to handle it, big enough to have something to chew !!
there are no rules....

#1 son loved strips of dried mango - it was very messy, never washed out of his clothes, but very tasty and didn't break off into chunks.


8 years ago

Do you mean being fed solid foods by an adult, or are you actually refering to foods he can hold himself and eat?
If it is the former, keep them small, probably no more than 1/4" cubes or so and they should be soft enough that he can mash them with his gums without cutting or scratching.
For finger foods you want something solid and small enough that he can hold it, but too large to put completely in his mouth.
You do not want to give him any thing that he can break off into large chunks (cookies, graham crackers etc.) and attempt to swallow.
Start him off with things made specifically for infants, teething crackers, for instance.
Most importantly, keep him under constant supervision when he has a finger foods or any thing that could potentially become a choking hazard.
Congrats on the young 'un and best of luck to ya.

If you're worried about choking, remember the phrase "small children can choke on nuts". Make sure he's chewing properly is the main consideration.


At 8 months old, I doubt he'll be doing much if any chewing. He probably has no more than one or two teeth, if that and hasn't yet mastered the chewing technique. 

In which case, very small or very soft.