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My strobe light has a problem.... Answered

I have a miniature strobe light that I salvaged from a crappy Halloween decoration. I was planning on strapping it to my bike, just as an added accessory. Anyway, it worked fine, then is started being faulty. Now, it does not want to flash at all. It isn't charging the capacitor, so there is a problem somewhere before there. The strobe light has a cool option of either holding down a button or using an on/off switch. I cannot find any loose wires or shorts. Is there a way to tell if the flasher is broken? It hasn't been dropped, so I don't guess that that would be the problem. Any help would sure be appreciated!


did you check the battery?

Ha, no actually I didn't. But I sure will! Thanks!

Hmmmm.... did you take it apart and make sure all the connections are solid?

I've looked the circuit board over and checked the rest; no faults can be found. Maybe I'm not looking for the right thing....

Get a rock.
Rock + Strobe Light = Lot's of fun.

Octagons can help you fix your strobe light!

Oh. Sorry, but I'm just a little tissed - I really had high hopes for the strobe, and now it's broke.