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My tribute to The Dunkis Answered

Here is my tribute to The Dunkis!!


Thanks! Too bad I didn't get involved in the tribute thing. I really should get to replacing my old TD picture with a better one.

LOL. I always thought it was you first gun.

 TELL ME ABOUT IT. Im getting sick of that td thing. its ugly.

The tribute thing? Because my pieces were wrapped up at the time and I don't really have any other skills I could put to use for this. I'm not the best gift giver in all honesty lol. By the time I considered entering it the places were all filled.

lol go ahead if you want. I think I'll take my try at making a better one. You know what would be wicked awesome though (lol who still says that?)? A ball machine in the structure of TD lol.


8 years ago


 what is that thingo above his name?

5 stars! i like the colors!!!!!

Semi auto made by Dunkis.

Sweet, lol! :-)

Post this link on TD's OB..

5* and faved :-P