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My trigger switch keeps breaking on my coilgun please help, how do i fix it? Answered

i am not sure what rhe joules and what not are, i have 4x caps with 420V and 100uF and 1x cap with 330V and 120uF. the gun works fine, i have 6 layers of 22 gauge coilabout an inch long. i have gone through 1 momentary button, 1 small switch and one big high voltage switch for the trigger. what do i neecd to do to make my triggers last. i think they are melting inside. too many amps? how do i fix this. before they break they smell bad and have late trigger reaction.

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seandogue (author)2010-11-12

Your trigger switch should not be routing power directly through it for this application.

Instead, the switch should be low voltage, low current, and it's purpose would be actuating a secondary relay, fet, or similar to switch actual coil power.

My guess, over-current, although it the voltage is high enough, it might be that you're exceeding the voltage rating, either on initiation or via kickback.

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