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My tv has no picture; what can I do to fix it? Answered

My tv has one thin line of light across the middle and no picture ; but has sound .



8 years ago

From: http://www.justanswer.com/questions/1kr0l-27-panasonic-crt-tv-no-picture#ixzz0RDsAb9Ti

"The problem you are describing appears to be a vertical circuit problem. The most common problem has been bad solder connections on the vertical output IC. If you inspect the PC board around the vertical ic, you can sometimes see the bad connections. Or the vertical IC and the associated capacitors in the circuit can be the culprit. Average cost to repair should be around $100.00 "

How old is your tv? Did you change the hookup or wires in any way? I don't know of anything that could be done by hooking it up wrong that would do this. It sounds like your vert. amp. is out, so all you are seeing is your horizontal but it's not spreading out like it it supposed to. That's why you are getting just a horizontal line of light. Is a computer or game system hooked to the tv? I'm sorry but your tv is probably trash now.

Look at the owner's manual if you haven't already. If you don't have the manual to your model TV, yo can probably look up the company that made your TV and get help there. Also, you should try to switch modes on your TV until one of them gives you video too. Hope this helps.