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Mythbusters - How to pancake a car Video Answered

A great video of the mythbusters team firing a two-stage rocket sledge into a car in an attempt to pancake it :P

At the point of impact the sledge was traveling at 650mph !!

The car doesn't really get pancaked, it just kinda... disintegrates, which is completely awesome.


I watched this dozens of times after i saw it aired, and I can see a freakin shock wave while its going through the car. this clip and the clip when they blow up the cement truck are my favorites from these guys.

This Crash was actully to replicte the results for the compact car myth (two trucks and the tiny car)

Honestly, I'm recalling some Dragonball Z, where guys go flying into rocks, explosions like this occur, and the same guys emerge, with just a couple of bruises.

That is really cool. Did you see how on impact the car just disengrated?

That is so deadly, I love how the car did not bulge when it was disintegrating, so awesome...

I suggest adding a snapshot of the video as an image for the forums.

I added one of the explosion and fixed the video. Thanks :D

Thanks for the feature too :P

Wow .........

!!!!! speechless... I want to see them fuse the trucks though..

Yea me too i cant wait for the episode


9 years ago

this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... i really like the first stage when it flys off the track....LOL!

Is there another link because the video said that it was removed by the user. Thanks

"This video has been removed by the user."


I have fixed the video now :D