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N64 security screws Answered

does anybody know how to open up an n64 without buying a special screw driver? I'm going to make an instructable on how to make a cheap, good, desktop power supply out of the n64 powersupply. If you look at it's specs it's pretty good for it's size! 3.3 volts at 2.2 amps and 12 volts at .8 amps. I'm going to but a boost circuit in and get 5 volts too (didn't want to use a 7805, if you're going to be using the 12 volts you want all the amps you want, plus what project uses 2.2 amps of 3.3 volts?). Plus I'm going to make it so that you can still use it as a power supply for the n64, and it won't be ugly.


I just tryed to improvise melty pen trick with a old scripto, i would advise trying clear bics to whoever is considering making a bit, because the white pens i think are too soft , the end result after lots of tucking the barrel into itself to acheive a kind of solid rod, looked like a perfect mold of the screw head, but the teeth failed under actual wrist torque, if i find a clear bic before my ebay bit set gets here, im gonna try it again..

The whole melted pen thing seems intriguing though, sounds like something people would do in prison to make screwdrivers

try the melt-a-pen trick, it works perfectly for me

hey mate ummm what type of pen did you use cause i've tried it and it has not worked please reply though hotmail if you can mines nicholas.brown93@hotmail.com thanks heaps

i used a cheap white PAPER-MATE pen, i used it on a gamecube though, not a 64. but the screws are the same

that could melt the plastic case (maybe you could do that to get at the insides) or the solder could fail, causing the screw to even more stuck.

I've tried solder with one of my gba's a while ago (couple of months) and it didn't work...

If you use the right kind of pen and melt the plastic barrel, it DOES work. I've opened my gamecube up this way and it worked PERFECTLY... mind you I had to make another pen the second time I opened it up... but it actually held shape enough to work like a good screwdriver.

I bought a screwdriver off of ebay for sub-$5 (including S&H...; or as Goodhart called it, acidity) But before that, on my DS, I was successful with a flathead screwdriver that was the length of one of the 3 "prongs" Just be glad they don't use those ones that can't be taken out ;-)

I never wrote whether the pH was high or low :-p

4.5mm and 3.8mm screwdrivers to open n64 security screws are newelectronx. search for it on web. you will find they have the lowest price on these screwdrivers.

Is the screw head outside the box or is it counter sunk into the box?

It does appear to have a generally hexagonal shape to it, maybe one of the sockets in the mm range would work?

As a last resort, here they are only about $2 us + pH

If it protrudes from the box, and you don't mind ruining the head, you could use a hacksaw to "slot" the head and use a regular screwdriver .

it kinda looks like a hex bit, I'm going to try and make a inverse hex bit using my hex screwdriver

are the screws Y shaped? if so, just use a small flat head screw driver

no, they're similar to an inverse hex. similar to the top of the bolt. I have one of those triwings, costed 1 dollar, free shipping.

Actually, yeah... solder a metal rod to the screw...


10 years ago

There was a hack where you melted a pen into the shape of the screw. I owuld google for it..

i've tried that with gameboy advances and it never really works