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This is a new knex round. It is pretty heavy, so it really packs a punch. So far I have not made a mag fed gun for it so I'm reaching out to you guys. The round is called pain ammo. It's main component are these things, ICU or  Inventory Control Unit, they keep merchandise at the front of the racks. Here is the link click me or you can pick them up off the floor in stores. I get them from REI. I like to use these rounds for target pratice because of their sheer knock back power. When useing these rounds it has a feel able but minamile reciol when it is fired form my moded  Seleziona's Break Action Rifle (link is https://www.instructables.com/id/Selezionas-Break-Action-Rifle-mods/  original's link is https://www.instructables.com/id/Selezionas-Break-Action-Rifle/ So if you make a mag for these rounds mention pain round in it somewhere or pm me.



7 years ago

I really must intervene here. Inflicting pain is NOT what this hobby is about. If you think hurting someone is a positive thing to do with a children's toy, I suggest you find a new hobby, though I doubt that there are any where you would be allowed to make actual weapons and shoot people with them.

I suggest you read this news story. Other children with the same ideals as you have turned the media against another great hobby: NERF.

Perhaps I am going overboard, but please don't bring this kind of behavior into our community.

And mepain I use the exacto knife round only for target practice on boxes so I know where it hit, and did you even, read the comments on that story.

You are missing the point entirely.

A normal rod is able to pierce cardboard easily enough, there is no point in using a knife to assist it.

I don't think you quite understand how the media works, those comments in the article are from the people who are more "sensible" (for the most part), and who are more active in the NERF community no doubt. These people are, however, a minority compared to the whole of the media's audience. Imagine parents who allow their children to play with NERF blasters with their friends after school or during the weekend, they aren't a part of an online internet community and do not know that some people actively modify their NERF blasters (these are the kind of people that occupy most of Hasbro's consumer base). Parents may think it best to keep their children away from NERF blasters for reasons that should be very clear, however untrue they may or may not be. Of course, Hasbro does not like this kind of negative attention because it means that they may lose money. In short, Hasbro has the power to completely shut down online communities (if need be) because they are a large corporation with infinite monies and resources. [Reference]

What it comes down to in the end is this: a kid sees some guy on the internet tape an exacto knife to a pen, shoots it out of a K'Nex gun, and thinks it's cool. He tries it, shows his friends, people get hurt or the media somehow catches a glimpse of it, it gets inflated, etc. Like I said before, I may be going overboard, but I'd rather not take any chances.

I know that you are just trying to back up your creation and persuade me to agree with you, but realize what I am saying before hand.

By the way, getting angry is no way to win an argument ;)

At 40 feet most of my guns just dent it. Here is a list IAC's Spiff, moded Seleziona's Break Action Rifle, the Desperado, the FSSR - True Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, The ghost 3, and the ZKAR. So yeah I need the knife round for target practice and that's why I deleted the pic of it

Dude chill. It's called the pain round because it looks like it would hurt if it hit you and it does at close range but, even then it doesn't hurt that much, just enough that you know it hit you. And given the choice to either get shot with this or the untangle with ten bands and an unsharpened rod I'd choose this cause this wont hospitalize me. And by the way I don't HAVE K'nex wars, I DONT PRETICAPAIT in K'NEX wars and I have never shot an animal or a human being but, myself with a real gun, or an airsoft gun, or a paintball gun, or a nerf gun, or an airgun,or a lego gun, or a bow, or a crossbow, or a knex gun, or a rubber band gun or any other projectile weapon ,but, I'm no saint and I have a short temper and am violent to boot ,but I've never broken someones bones, or seriously injured someone or, my self for that matter.

Are you doing another k'nexcast? This would be an alright topic I suppose.

Is that knex?

The black things aren't knex but, the rest is.

oh, alright. I doubt many people would like using this ammunition..

Yeah, but they are mostly target rounds or, could be used as fear rounds.

You do realize the main component is not knex right?

Yes I do but it adds weight and it doesn't break pieces like using a clip on wheel.

Don't even try it. We aren't trying to kill each other.

The exato knife round or the other round becuase, even though I call it the pain round it dosnt hurt much but, you can easily feel it when or more likely if it hits you.

yes I know its not knex but I prefer it to sharpening knex rods