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NEW YEAR CHATROOM PARTY-31.12.08 THRU END OF 1.1.09 Answered

Chatroom party on both the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009!



I'm going to be heavily intoxicated!

Och noo fahr, yea Brits and yeh low drinkin' age...

I do think it's a bit stupid how 5 year olds can legally drink tbh.

In the UK children can legally drink in the home age five. Go figure.

Really? That is a pretty big difference compared to here.. Is there an abundance of deaths/crime/etc. dealing with alcohol?

my gov teacher always tells us how horrible it was. Her 3 year old neighbor would climb on the tables screaming for wine :0

I also learned that your parents can never get mad at you when you call them at 2 am asking for a ride home from the bar yeah, we're failing finals

I think I missed the US celebrations, but Happy New Year, one and all!

You reach it before we do (about 5 hours earlier if I am not mistaken)

You would not believe how often I make that mistake!

Anyhoo, have a happy one - a touch under two hours to go, and I intend to be slightly incapable of typing sensibly by then.

I am at work, and will be for at least another 6 hours or so, so since I need to drive home, I will not be partaking (I have only had the opportunity to do so once in the past 25 years anyways *shrug* You have a happy one also

You did not miss it yet, the first US celebrations are in 7 hours or so

I miss out on a lot of stuff............

I work tonight until about 1 am *sigh*


9 years ago

Date translations for Americans, 12/31/08-1/1/09

Sorry, m'boys, I'll be watching Time Square's ball drop!


Oh, dear...



9 years ago

Well, I'm not going to be here! :D

It depends, I may be able to be in for a bit now and then....I am going to work, and should be at work past midnight (oh JOY !)

I'll probably make it!