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Have you ever noticed that people keep making 1 shot frontloading knex guns without feeders or clips, it's like using muskets when we have full automatics, stop it please dont! Even if it can rip through cardboard, they are still one shot guns. try designing better guns and stop thinking that a oneshot gun with nooo inprovements is going to impress people. It only clogs up the site. Anyway I love knex and back in the good old days nobody built to many bad guns, now a whole lot of people are making block trigger front loading guns!!!!!


if you dont like knex then why do you have to even loook at them. Why would they clog up the site? SITES CANT CLOG! THE ONLY THING CLOGGING RIGHT NOW IS YOU! OHHHHH BUUUUUUUUUURRRRNNNEDD!!!!

I think you have the point wrong. I didn't read that hobo lord disliked KNex, he(?) is saying that with all the postings on KNex guns, why don't people be a bit more adventurous and go for a multi-loader.

Now if you want to have a go at a person who doesn't like KNex, then you can have a go at me....I know I cannot stop KNex stuff going on the site, but if you are to carry on doing so, can we have quality instead of quantity...thanks

Interesting language, you need anger management

Danny there is no other way to make a trigger other than a block trigger with Knex!!! That is the only kind of trigger that will work because WE CANT USE GUNPOWDER OR COMPRESSED GAS. Block triggers work just fine for knex.


11 years ago

i dont think the title should be no more one shot guns it should be no more knexs guns that the only features are a block trigger a barrel and a stick because the shifle is 1 shot and its gr8 if you dissagree then try and make a true full auto gun yes i agree no more block trigger barrel stick and elastic guns with no original feature


11 years ago

I disagree. I think we should encourage people to post as many instructables as they want. It might be nice of them to label them though. I.e. Knex cannon that blows through concrete (one shot)

How about YOU make a knex gun that is not one shot.. Even if you do it will be crap you know why, because knex pieces are weak and limit you to certain shapes.. You cannot make an automatic knex gun that will shoot through paper.. and that is easy to load. I've been there and made a single shot gun of my own design and really after that you begin to see the limitations of knex.. I had to modify about 20 pieces to make it have all the parts of a real gun, mag, trigger, everything.

Some would argue that any knex guns clog up the site. Just because you don't like the single shots and you prefer automatics, that doesn't make them best. Of course nothing should be posted without improvements from something already up, but its not our place to decide what kind of guns are ok to post.