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Have you ever noticed that people keep making 1 shot front-loading knex guns without feeders or clips, it's like using muskets when we have full semi autos and repeaters, stop it please don't!

Even if it can rip through cardboard, they are still one shot guns. try designing better guns and stop thinking that a one shot gun with nooo improvements is going to impress people. It only clogs up the site causing it hard to read the good stuff.

Anyway I love knex and back in the good old days nobody built to many bad guns, now a whole lot of people are making block trigger front loading guns, try using existing designs and improve them but there's not much to improve with these simple tube,block,stick and rubber band projectile launchers!!!!!

To sum it up, no more Killerk or your name here copies


most of the stronger guns are single shots... usually a magazine gun is weaker than single shots.

hoppers are the most efficient multi-shot mechanism. crestind's hopper strengthened is the best.

Turreted guns have the most reliability of repeaters.

Wtf, is that a pump action or something? Looks horrible, and it probably shoots horrible.

what if they had true trigger?


10 years ago

They are stronger, so they have their uses. And also there are some very good ones like this that can fire faster than several repeaters. They make very good beginner's stuff too so in your face.

yeah, (your name here) posted the very first knex gun, so they should actually be "(your name here) copies" :P

they are all the same gun with the same mechanism, ppl should jst make killerk's or your name here's and mod it for a true trigger.

I just joined not too long ang, and I only did it for the knex guns. I really think that the things that people will do with these things is really cool. The only problem is that I can't do them. Has anyone ever heard of the winona? That was one of the cool guns on this site. Two problems. One: I don't have 53 red pieces. Two: it wasn"t detailed enough. How do you get 53 red pieces from a silver value tub and a normal 20 model set? I don't have enough money to buy another one because I just bought a cell phone. Also, how was I supposed to figure out how to build it from only four pictures? They needed more detail. Then the two guns that you can use to pull on each other. I don't have the money to mutilate parts. I need the parts for other creations. I have built several of the tiny tortures and modded 'em so that the ammo doesn't fall out. I should probably make an instructables for that. Well, anyway... That's just my opinion.

why is it a killerk copy if he made it inpendently of this site a few years ago, again dont like it dont look at it (i dont like rap, i dont listen to it) be tolerate!

It does no good to tell people not to make single shot knex guns. Why? It's all they can build. I'd love to make an automatic, but that doesn't mean that I have the pieces or the skill to do so. People are always going to want to post their guns. Why? The feel a sense of accomplishment anparralelled by anything except something else.

I guess since you started the topic, I'm gonna drag it horizontally. I'm tired of the dozens of different colored or smelling or named products on store shelves that are all the same. How many choices of shampoo do I need? How many cell phones do I have to wade through? Strawberry jam! Why do pluckers, stuckers, truckers and druckers, Kruger, Safeway, Albertson, and King Soopers have to make it? Isn't smuckers good enough?

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now before you say "it would be smuckers" for example what if other people wanted it to be something different its amazing how much i learned about jelly today =P


same here, i dont have the pieces, also they are good of starters and learning to build knex guns, good practice, plus they are cool cause a single shot tiny gun that can come out of the blue and shot your friend is cool, id like to see you make a small non single loader

People have made threads like this before, no one listens...they keep making the same gun. BUT, just because you dont like that style, doesn't mean others don't. Some people are more interested in things with power then having it reload automatically.

yeah bit the only thing that makes one of these more powerful than the other one is adding more elastic bands until it becomes impossible to pull back the ram or it breaks!!!

Single-shot block trigger K'nex guns are an art form in themselves, tho i do agree that they shouldn't be muzzle-loading, that just seems like poor engineering.

I have a single shot pistol that muzzle loads and i am wondering if you care if I post it since you seem to really dislike that. I have a couple of new things on it that i dont remeber seeing on posted here (I also designed it several years ago independant from these forums). Like a hammer desigened to handle extremem forces without being destroyed, and a unique pice that clips the bullet in the front, preventing it from falling out.

well post it then but please put a true trigger and it better not be a killerk copy! As long as there are improvements it is good, but please dont make a copy of killerk