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and if you're reading this, HA HA YOU FELL FOR IT. If you read this then please leave a comment to tell me you've read it I want to see how many people read this just because i told them not to. Nice picture, right? no left hahaha this is random it took me about too minuites too make this notice the use of "too" instead of "to" and "two" make four hahahahahahahaha that was randomer than the last random comment. No one can be more random than me in fact im Mr random well actually thats not a fact its a wide spread topic of intrest Like what banks give out I mean the ones that still exist!!! I can't belive you're still reading this crap Oh well time to go or is it no, don't go there oh ill go there don't you dare just try and stop me ok, STOP now is the winter of your discontent noooooooooooooooooooo thats right, I went there ill show you, you ......... BYE


You could just check views

the zombie apocalypse is upon us!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick hide your brains use the children as shields they love the children

I read it. Lolz

Throws mouse at monitor, hoping to hit tahirhh, but unfortunately breaks monitor, crying as it wails in pain.

My world history teacher has a sign that says 'if you're smoking, you'd better be on fire.'


9 years ago

I read it. Why should I not open a topic that says Don't read me?

(Moved to "Random Fun")

No bad, without reading it.