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NTSC Viewfinder ? Answered

Hi everyone,
I know I bring a lot of questions and I don't post a lot of instructables (actually 0), but I'm looking for a very cheap (or even free) NTSC Viewfinder for a night vision goggle project , I've found viewfinder on DealExtreme , but it looks like it's not NTSC and it was expansive (from 30$) ...
Even a black&white one will do the job.
Thank you for reading

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Re-design (author)2011-08-11

Questions are just as important as answers!

Check out ebay.

Some of the older vcr cameras had monitors that were really seperate pieces that connected to the camera with a jack. If you can find one of those it is very easy to use the monitor without having to rewire/hack anything.

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Anykey (author)Re-design2011-08-11

You mean using this monitor with a viewfinder ?

Because I was looking for a viewfinder with a monitor in it that I could wire to a minicamera ... I have actually a broken camera with this kind of viewfinder , but I'd like to use a brand new viewfinder , or atleast another one than the one on my camera

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