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NXT Infared link help? Answered

I have an old tamagotchi (in pieces) which has an infared diode and reciver (I think), and I would like to make a IR thing so a lego mindstorms NXT can link with a RCX. How do I make it, and do I need anything else?

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raykholo (author)2010-01-12

 Hitechnic also sells a sensor prototyping board ($40 + shipping) to which you could hook up an infrared led. 
In the interest of not damaging the NXT, i do not recommend trying to interface any electronic components directly to the brick without approved hardware (the protoboard) unless you are very good at electronics.

I can tell you that the RCX has a built in IR communications system for the purpose of programming and communicating with other RCX bricks.  
Find out those communication protocols.  If this is all that you want to do, I recommend the Hitechnic IR Sensor as stated below - slightly more expensive but specifically tailored to your needs.  

Good luck and let me know if you need any more information or advice...

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chaoszerom (author)2009-06-22

This doesn't help me much. If anyone has taken one of these apart, then that would be helpful.

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jedi pen-gui-n (author)2009-06-19


This would really be the best because you would have the software to
have it interact correctly. Other than that I can't help you.

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