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NYC Maker Faire trip.....troubles getting there Answered

I am having troubles again. A train will  get me there too late and I would have to leave too early for it to be worthwhile.....and my wife doesn't want me to drive.....

I am sooo peeeved right now.....the wife has literally guaranteed that I will not be able to make it to the Maker Faire despite my having purchased a ticket for the event....

Hmmm, I let her alone to think about what she was doing.....and she has come to the conclusion that maybe she should let me go.....I DO hope to see those of you that will be there, tomorrow....


You have me counting my blessings Goodhart.

My wife actually asked me last week, apropos of nothing, if I'd ever heard of Maker Faire, and would I want to go, because it looks "neat".

Maybe next year we'll show up.

You would be doing the reverse commute. Most New Yawkers are heading down south to beat the winter.

Indeed.....I have been and back...thankfully (although I am still "paying the price" for going. *sigh*

Could you possibly car pool with someone?

Yeah, CD and you scooted before I remembered I had a camera :-) But I got some of the others anyways.

Good seeing you there though. I have a photographic memory.

Oh and yes, I was good to see you, even if only for a short while......I felt a bit out of place though.....like some were fearful of relating to a geezer like me ;-)

Yes, I do for pictures but they are much harder to download to my computer directly from my cranium. ;-) I even got a pic of CtlZ and hadn't known it. :-)

Actually, to be fair, I got there in two pieces....but I only lost a very small piece.... ;-)

I don't think CD took my picture, but if it's proof you need, how about this one?
(disheveled as I look in it).

014-MakerFaire 2010 Queens NY_09152010_181656.JPG

Yay! You look like the doting grandfather in a family business!

Hmmm, that image would have been enhanced quite a bit had I taken my upper plate out and closed my mouth the whole way LOL

I wish I'd taken more (I had a camera that could have taken several hundred.....)

I got there, a bit later then I had planned (finally convinced the wife that I was grown up enough to drive there rather then have the train or bus hold my hand and lead me there), as I got a little confused once I got TO Queens. So, instead of my getting there at 9:30 am as planned, it was closer to 12:30 PM....but I did get there...it was great (once I got there and parked). The driving is a complete waste though....next time I book the train a month in advance so I have a seat. I HATE driving in the city....

How long have you had this lined up? Is there some date in her future that is as important to her that you could start to make difficulties over?

To be honest if she hates to drive, why can you not use the car tomorrow? You have a ticket in your hand and paid for.

I wish I could come up with a quick easy answer. Though you could just set the alarm early and go anyway. It is said to be easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission!


I've had the ticket since about a week after they first announced it, so for quite awhile now. She really wanted to have the car while I was gone, but like the time I took a bus to NYC just for the day, she wouldn't go anywhere...she hates to drive.

Anyways, she has changed her mind now, and so I will be going, barring any horrible events occurring between now and tomorrow morning....

Could she drive for you ;-)

Ha Ha ha ha ha ha.....she hates to drive with or without me in the car, even to the grocer's....she is hell bent on not letting me go this time, especially now that the bus and train schedules have been shown to be worthless to me.

Well, not TOTALLY worthless. I could save a little fare IF I went tonight, and stayed over....then I could use the train...but then there is that $129 per night hotel fee that becomes a bugger.