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Name those DVD Burner parts :) Answered

Hi guys and gals, I just ripped apart a broken pioneer dvd burner of mine (digging for the laser diode inside) Apart from some nifty fans, motors, springs etc. I also came across these inside the reading/writing head of the burner. One definitely is a laser. But as often pointed dvd burners tend to have multiple (2) lasers. Now I wonder which of these items is the second one? All of the three upper items were pointing inside the head and (via some mirrors and lenses) towards the lens shown at the bottom of the photo. So they all seem to be involved in either creating or receiving (reading sensor?) of the laser beam. Hope some brave soul can give me some hints on these.


Ah, so I was right with the electro magnet. And the second one makes sense now. Thanks! But what's the first one? A strange looking IR laser?

The second item is the part that recieves the data from the disc. The extra pin of the laser diode can be explained more here The lens (last item) is moved by the electromagnets, the ultra-thin wires are the magnet wire.