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Need 2make a low cost but bright wash light 4samll scale drama 4our prayer group. God bless u 4 all d help. Prefer LED Answered

Want to make a RGB LED 64par can of 1w or 3w LED m a novice so i need to know how to connect the LED's and how to make or control the color change ? i want to use a 240V Ac power source too
Will this par can be as bright as the original one.
How many LED would be required 
What details should one keep in mind before purchasing LED and other stuff
If LED is not  bright enough can we use a car headlight HID  lamp how do connect to Ac power source

Use is for stage light / Wash light 


Just get a commercial PAR64 LED lighting can. You can get them for about $70 and the plug straight into the mains so no extra wiring is needed

You can use the full English language here, txt spk is nt rq.
Can you be a bit clearer as to exactly what the lamp needs to do?


The lights are intended to be used as stage light / Wash light 

OK, you want something like these guys sell?

Have you got the can, but want a parts list and assembly for (this many) LEDs?
We could come back with what you might use, but consider that like-for-like function is going to come with a cost in the same sort of area.


This kind of thing is under constant development by professional stage lighting manufacturers, and they haven't even come up with a bright enough but still affordable LED fixture yet, although the stuff keeps getting better.

What I used to use for an affordable wash light was halogen work lights, the yellow rectangular ones with the curved base. You can find them for pretty cheap (especially in 3-packs), they're already AC, they're bright, they're dimmable, and you can add a color gel simply by duct taping it in front of the glass. I've lit more than one low-budget theatre piece this way.

To expand on that idea, you could have three halogen work lights, and on each put a red, green, or blue filter.  Then using a dimmer control on each you can mix the colours to any degree you like.

That's just a theory though, I'm not sure how colour-correct the light is when dimmed....

Precisely how I made cyc strip lights for a show once, although I used 12 lights total since I had a larger area to cover. For a small area wash, three would work, although six would give better filI and help to prevent odd-colored shadows. If you have the dimmers and the budget, it's a good idea to add a fourth circuit for an amber gel, as RGB mixing a decent non-vomitous amber/yellow is not a walk in the park.
The halogen bulbs yellow a bit when dimmed, but most theatrical gels are made with incandescent lamps in mind, so the yellowing is somewhat accounted for by design.

Though I hate to say it, it'd be cheaper to buy an LED lamp. You'll struggle to  buy the LEDS for less than the whole thing will cost.