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Need Data Sheet for old diode laser. RCA SG2001 Answered

I have been digging though my assortment of electronic components, stuff that has gathered dust for years. 

One item I came across still new in the original package is a laser diode.  RCA # SG 2001.  I have tried searching internet with out much luck other than a PDF about how to drive the diode.  ( short pulses high current ) I see the same part number referenced for other products.  I did find it listed but there is no data showing that I can find.  Yea...it is over 30 years old !  No reason not to know what it is or what it could be used for, perhaps for the pocket engraver?

Would much appreciate any information anyone may have about this chip.  I believe it is fairly high power IR diode.   It is stud mount with a single lead exiting the center of the stud bolt.  A bit less than 1/4" dia case.

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shum.siewhung (author)2015-03-18

I have the information, but I cannot upload the file here.

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stuffdone (author)shum.siewhung2015-03-18

Can you email to me at pck@paulkruger.us

Thanks guy.

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-05-19

I'm sure a picture of the component in question would help a lot. Especially if you have the original packaging.

Anything i can find on SG2001 suggest you have a High Voltage Medium Current Driver Array. I don't see anything on how to drive the diode. Though there may be hints in that document that can help you narrow the search by giving you some better search terms.

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stuffdone (author)mpilchfamily2013-05-28

I have tried all kinds of search variations and what I provided seems to be the best I can come up with. This I had before the internet was even used by the public so it is OLD!

I may try to contact RCA to see if they can help. I do remember it's peak output was on the order of 25 watts and that it did require that this be pulsed on a pretty short duty cycle.


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