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Need Help Answered

Hi, i need help, i've built a hybrid gun, its a brute spiker by halo123guns and the 7shot rifle by knexagon, if they don't mind i will post it, it has a 10 round mag and can be increased easily, it is a pistol aswell, and is pretty beastly, looks like a nerf maverick a bit, i compared it with my own maverick, but enough about that, i have one problem, my elastic bands are getting caught just before the bullets, stopping me from firing all ten in succession, (ignore typos) i'll get some pictures up as soon as i can, but if anyone has an idea it would be much appreciated =]


try a gear firing systey like mine

its the handle and firing system from halo 123guns, so it is essencially the same as yours, excepts i think he had the idea 1st,(i'm not saying you copied), but anyway, i'm doing a few tests today, just got back from a school trip =]

hmm, knex or springblade, my two fave things, knex and weapons lolz, uhh, got a pic of the springblade?

this is it(from what i remember) knex 20$ blade 30$ i have 37$ ps sorry bout the gun its stupid and do u mind posting pic or a vid of your gun trobles

and about the knife...LOOKS FRIKIN AWESOME! but, you should choose whichever you need/want the most =]

ps i was wrong bout the kife that is the same knife in the pic and i gots a new sword all for 48$ 30$ knife 18$ sword(extrem deal)

can't, broke it up, peeeeing me off too much, BUT, i am working on, a gun, it is basically a barrel (for now) with a block trigger(which will be hooked up to a true trigger) and holds about 20 yello rods, the ram needs no tape for about 3-4 bands, i just need to make a caseing for it to make it a sniper rile =], would you like to help me? as a sort of collaboratation (ignore miss-spelling) =3

ok post pics of your new gan and ill do what i can and dont worry about misspelings i misspell all the time